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Aarhus Bryghus Klosterbryg is the very first beer ever produced by Aarhus Bryghus. It was actually brewed for the first time around 1999, at an event, at the open-air museum “Øm Kloster Museum”. The museum is on the site of an old monastery. The Danish king took possession of all monasteries, during the Reformation. in 1556 he sent a scribe to the monastary to record, what he had taken over. The records show, that there at the monastary were three separate breweries: One for the abbey, one for the 200 monks, and one for the small infirmery. The monks had in their cellar more than 20.000 litres of beer, enough for 2 weeks consumption.


To put focus on the huge consumption of beer in the Middle Ages, the museum put up an exhibition about food and drink in that time. We were responsible for the beer part and brewed a beer on the grounds, thus the name Klosterbryg (Abbey Beer).


Klosterbryg is a fusion of an English Strong Ale and a Danish Strong Lager at 6%. It is brewed with the finest English hops, Fuggles and East Kent Goldings, yet fermented with a Danish bottom-fermenting strain of yeast. The result is a delicate, gentle beer with beautiful hints of orange and clementine.


0,60 Liter Flasche
Danish Strong Lager
Verkostungsglas Craft Master
6,0 % Vol
Aarhus Bryghus
Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Weizenmalz, Hopfen, Hefe
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